8 sushi spots that may literally change your life

Japan has blessed the world with many gifts over the years, such as the Sony Playstation, the Nintendo Wii, and the Toyota Yaris.

Its biggest global export however, is arguably sushi.

Capetonians, and visitors to Cape Town, do love their sashimi and nigiri, so it’s little wonder then that the V&A Waterfront offers a number of highly rated sushi spots for you to get your fix of raw fish, pickled ginger, and that spicy green stuff that clears out your naval passages. Check out the selection below:

Haiku’s sushi has been described by various critics and diners as “mouthwatering”, “out of this world” and simply just “wow”. Their servings are tapas-style (translation – smaller portions that are great for sharing) and they also offer Korean and Chinese dishes. Go on and get some.

Check out their menu here.
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Harbour House
Harbour House’s elegant setting makes it an ideal business or 3rd date spot, and offers international cuisine with Mediterranean elements. They pride themselves on using only the freshest seafood and ingredients, which your taste buds will immediately appreciate when you take that first bite of your salmon California Roll.

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Regarded as “the world’s sexiest restaurant” (it’s on their website), it’s headed up by world-renowned chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa (i.e. “Nobu”) and offers you classical Japanese cuisine together with a selection of Japanese drinks, and Sake and Shochu-based cocktails.

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Ocean Basket
Ocean Basket is much loved for their value-for-money seafood platters, their general family-friendly atmosphere, and their incredibly friendly staff. (We always walk out of there feeling like our waitron genuinely liked us that evening, and would accept our Facebook Friend Request if we sent them one.) Their sushi is every bit as good as their staff is friendly, so definitely something to tuck into next time you’re there.

Check out their menu here.
Make a booking at 021 425 2596

Sevruga’s sushi is so good it will leave you questioning your very existence. Besides their raw-fish offering, they also offer an elaborate menu ranging from meat dishes to poultry to seafood (which obviously includes the sushi, as we are talking about 7 sushi spots that will literally change your life, after all). It’s a great dining experience, and whether you’re indoors in the lush interior, or outdoors overlooking the harbour, Sevruga is an absolute treat.

Check out their menu here.
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Upstairs @ Quay Four
Upstairs @ Quay Four is situated, funnily enough, upstairs from Quay Four. Patrons have been known to travel far and wide to enjoy their sushi (one determined visitor even swam all the way there from Tuvalo, which is a small island off the North-East coast of Australia). Besides their sushi, they also offer quality Cape lobsters, line fish and various seafood platters.

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Willoughby & Co
If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably always wondered what it must feel like to have hundreds of tiny little barefooted angels gently dancing in your mouth. Are they doing the salsa? The rumba? You’re not sure, all you know is that they are angels, they are tiny, they are dancing (barefooted) and it feels great. That sensation, my friends, is exactly what it feels like when you put one of Willoughby’s Rainbow Rolls in your mouth. Enjoy sushi, tempura dishes, soups and salads out of a full Japanese kitchen. Go on, you owe it to yourself.

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Cape Town Fish Market
The Cape Town Fish Market (or simply “CTFM” if you’re in the know) is perfectly situated at the Clock Tower, overlooking the ocean, and offers the type of sushi that makes you go “Hey, why do I even bother eating other food groups, this is literally all I ever need to consume”. They have an extensive sushi offering ensuring you’ll definitely find your perfect dish.

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*menu items and prices subject to change.