Acoustics Underground Series: Francois van Coke and Arno Carstens

Picture the scene – It’s forty years from now, and you’re sitting on your front porch, staring thoughtfully over an Atlantic Ocean beachfront as your solar-powered levitating chair (thanks, Elon Musk) slowly rocks you back and forth, whilst simultaneously giving you a gentle yet thought provokingly pleasant back massage.

Just then, your wise-beyond-his-years and intimidatingly learned grandchild pops his head up from his tablet and asks excitedly:

“Were you there the night Francois van Coke and Arno Carstens performed at the Acoustics Underground series in the year 2016?”

What do you say? It’s your moment of truth.

Do you disappoint him and tell him that there was a chill in the air that evening, and so you stayed in to watch season 5 of “Scandal / The Fixer” instead? OR do you tell him that yes, YES you braved the cold elements that night, and witnessed first-hand the greatest musical collaboration since McCartney said “Aweh, J-Dog” to Lennon.

As Morgan Freeman told Keanu Reeves in that movie where he dodges bullets and flies – “Choose the red or the blue pill”.

What’s it going to be?

V&A Waterfront’s Acoustics Underground series

The V&A Waterfront, in association with KFM, presents the “Acoustics Underground” series, showcasing performances from top local musos in a pretty intimate and unique setting of a… wait for it… wait for it… a museum (a museum??? Yes, really, the Chavonnes Battery Museum.)

Arno Carstens and Francois van Coke

On the 27 July, catch these two local rock legends performing a selection of hits from Springbok Nude Girls, Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel and Arno’s English and Afrikaans solo career, as well as SA Rock songs that have influenced and inspired them over the last 20 years. Space is limited (the venue only houses 200 people). Tickets are R175, they’re going fast, so choose the red pill and create some memories today.


The Details

Artist: Arno Carstens and Francois van Coke
Date: 27 July
Venue: Chavonnes Battery Museum
Doors Open: 18:30
Tickets: R175 per ticket at Quicket

* Yes, it was actually Laurence Fishbourne. But we think Morgan would have made a better Morpheous