Al Bairre LIVE

Did you know? In 2015, we hosted 118 bands, 19 dance groups and 40 carnival groups at the V&A. That is a great deal of music, all of which we delivered to you guys for… FREE. Fully supporting local music is something that we’re hugely proud of and we hope more and more people take advantage of this as the year rolls on. You don’t know anything until you’ve sat at the amphitheatre in amongst a big crowd and experienced a local artist or band on a Summer afternoon. You know even less if you haven’t walked through Watershed while an artist strums away from the informal stage that is the steps going up to Workshop 17. It’s just so cool!

And speaking of cool, this Saturday, we have Al Bairre coming to perform at the amphitheatre. They will be kicking things off at 7pm.

Here is a little teaser…


See you there!

Poster by Sam Wells
Instagram: @samwellssamwells
Twitter: @iamsamwells