Animals and Petting Zoos. Some FAQs

Our aim is to promote education around small breed animals and nurture a healthy understanding with our audience.

We hear concerns expressed and posed various questions. We would like to share the answers with you:

Who is our operator? How do we ensure we select an operator that is actually invested in animal welfare rather than profits derived from entertainment?
The operator is called My Zoo 2 You. The SPCA assess each operation on a case by case basis to ensure standards are met. This particular operator has been inspected a number of times and has been approved by the SPCA.

Where are the animals ‘’sourced’’ and what happens when they are no longer cute and little?
All the animals live at the operator’s farm – Dassenberg near Atlantis. He only keeps a certain species for the petting zoo.

In between bookings, are these animals free-roaming?
They are homed on the small holding each within their own enclosures suitable to their size. These animals are free roaming depending on their specific requirements. Little goats have their own roaming enclosure to protect them from predators. Little chicks naturally in a smaller enclosure.

Is it one group of animals that move from location to location until they grow up or does the operator interchange animals ie one group of animals is not constantly exposed to these levels of stress.
Yes – Depending on breed, animals are interchanged frequently. Smaller animals are rotated more often because they are handled more often. Larger animals like goats can do an event such as ours 6 days without needing to be interchanged.

Will SPCA only inspect once they are here or have they in general approved the operator?
We engage beforehand. They advise on location etc, then also inspect whilst event is on-going.

The welfare of the animals is of concern to us and in addition to the above, interaction is limited in terms of number of visitors allowed into the enclosure, and the amount of time each visitor is permitted.