Nips and Tucks

This Winter we're doing a rather significant renovation on the harbour-facing side of Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre. Why? Because change is essential.

Giving Back

Let us start by saying that this is not one of those "Ooooh, look at what we do!" kind of things. Yes, we could just do the things we do and not talk about them, but we wanted to use this opportunity to spread word...

About Michelle

Watershed is a platform, and yes it is for exposing our brilliant designers, artists and world class crafters to the out-of-owners but it's also about celebrating and supporting local...


There is something truly gratifying about shopping local. What you see as a little stand in the big "warehouse" that is Watershed is actually the end result of a number of factors, one of which is passion...

Earth Day

Every one is accountable and a property of our size is even more so, so we do what we can to lessen the negative impact we may have on the natural world.

Harbour Life

What essentially started as a shopping centre, at least in the eyes of many of our visitors, has evolved into a hub of potential for rich experiences.