Cape Town Sevens

Hi guys!

We need to have a quick chat before the weekend rolls around so please read on…

As 110 000 of you know, Cape Town Sevens is happening at Cape Town Stadium this weekend. This is SO great for the general vibe of the area but it puts a massive strain on us because of that little thing called PARKING. We only have 7500 bays across the property and we just so happen to, oh, you know, be in the middle of the festive season.

To break it down: 110 000 people divided by 7500 parking bays = 14,6666667 (And that number doesn’t include our shoppers, diners, workers, et cetera. Nor does it include the whole “no passout” rule at the Stadium, which means lots of people coming in and very few going out.) So in essence, if you’re going to the stadium, you probably shouldn’t park here and you should definitely consider the following:

MyCiti: Buses will run between the Civic Centre and Cape Town Stadium on both Saturday and Sunday, from 9am to 9:15pm.
Hail a cab/book an Uber: Although remember that cars on the road = traffic so that cannot be avoided if we’re all in cars.
Stretch those legs and walk the Fan Walk.
If you MUST park here, please make use of the Clock Tower Garage to alleviate congestion and allow for movement in the rest of the V&A.

For our regular visitors and visiting tourists, please plan ahead, especially in the case of restaurant/activity bookings. There will be road closures and there will be traffic.

House Rules aside, we hope you have a fantastic weekend. GO BLITZBOKKE!