Some very exciting changes are afoot at Sevruga, the most noticeable is working with conceptual, Chef Rikku. He brings fresh insight and innovation to the new menu. “Reworking the new Sevruga menu was part of the journey to continually improve what we do, you cannot stand still, everything changes” says Shaun King, Owner of Sevruga. In addition to the launch of the new Sevruga menu, Chef Rikku launched the new ‘Chef’s Table’ at Sevruga, ‘Chef’s Table’ unveils an exclusive five-course taster menu. Chef Rikku says ‘it promises to take diners on a culinary journey of the senses.

The menu launched in August and will continue with demand, it is already proving to be a major success. When asked to see the menu, Rikku smiles, and simply says, that “the menu will be as much of a surprise to him as it will be to my customers”. He further adds, that “the dining experience is based on what fresh ingredients are available on the day”. He will carve out a new dish daily based on the availability of only the freshest produce. One of the examples given was taking one ingredient, e.g the beetroot and transforming it into multiple forms around all the pallet senses, for example, sweet, sour, salt, this is the theme that runs through the event.

Hailing from Nottinghamshire, England, Chef Rikku’s impressive career has seen him work with formidable chefs like Marco Pierre White, Hans Valamaki and Thomas Keller. Not only have his dishes appeared in the coveted Great British Cookbook but the Michelin-starred chef gained worldwide fame in 2016 as a MasterChef UK: The Professionals Finalists. We are delighted that he’s now based in Cape Town. He is excited about bringing unique styles of food to a South African audience.

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