Going, Going…


Paige Nick crosses time zones and continents before the clock strikes 12. 

How much do you love New Year’s Eve? Because if you really loved it a lot, and if you had a fast enough jet, or an awful lot of air miles, you could conceivably celebrate this New Year’s Eve a couple of times, with a drink in your hand, in more than one country. You could start at the International Date Line and race away from the sunrise all day long, giving yourself 48 total hours 
of the ‘day’ in which to celebrate.

If you had a ridiculously fast jet in your garage, say an F-22 Raptor, then you could totally pull it off. Unfortunately, this is all only possible because the F-22 Raptor is a multi-million dollar military jet that tops out at Mach 2 and can refuel in 10 minutes while in mid air. But there’s no space for anyone else in an F-22, so while it’s an impressive itinerary, is it really that much fun doing New Year’s Eve four times in a row on your own?

If like me, you only have a car, then there are a few places on the planet where a number of time zones converge in a single point. Like where Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan meet. Who’s with me? We could drive around at midnight and keep on counting down. Or if the Middle East feels a little too risky right now, we could head to central Russia, where you can hit three different time zones in two hours. Na Zdorovie, Na Zdorovie, Na Zdorovie!

De ja vu in Finland, where you can have a couple of glasses of champers in a town called Tornio, then head over to Haparanda in Sweden, which is a five minute walk across a bridge and a border, for a second round of fireworks and mazeltovs. Don’t like who you kissed on your first countdown? Don’t worry, there are plenty more fish in Sweden.

But if the whole space-time continuum wasn’t a thing, and you could be in two places for this New Year’s Eve, where would you want to be? In Chile they eat a spoon of lentils at midnight (cooked I hope) and celebrate in the local graveyard with dead friends and family. China might be fun; they did invent fireworks after all. And in Cuba and Puerto Rico, it’s considered lucky to throw water out of your window on New Year’s Eve. Of course unlucky if you’re walking past the window at the time. In Ecuador they have a tradition of hiding money around the house, which is said to bring prosperity in the year ahead. That could make the guestlist a bit challenging.

Laugh at these odd-sounding customs if you want, but in South Africa we have a similar way of losing all our money on New Year’s Eve, we just use Uber.

If I could really celebrate this New Year’s Eve in two places, I know exactly where I’d want to be: in my home city. I’d like to do the first countdown with a group of great friends, a few bottles of bubbly, and the magnificent view of the fireworks display right here at the Waterfront. Then, if you could just teleport me home to my slippers, and an old classic with Audrey Hepburn in it, for the final countdown, I’d be most grateful, thank you very much.

Whatever corner of the globe or time zone you’re celebrating in… Happy 2016!

Taken from the On The Waterfront Summer Issue.

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Come and celebrate New Year’s Eve with us at the V&A! You know about the spectacular fireworks but just you wait until you see what else we’ve got planned.

Official Press Announcement: ​

The V&A Waterfront is raising the bar on its free annual New Year celebration, bringing fireworks and festival elements to the country’s largest New Year’s Eve party this year​. In addition to the spectacular midnight fireworks display visitors have come to love, this year’s celebrations will take on a festival atmosphere, with different entertainment zones and various carnival-like performers keeping visitors entertained.

The annual celebrations are one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties on the African continent. Crowds in each entertainment zone will be treated to a sensory experience of colour and activity with characters and floats from the Cape Town Carnival, buskers, jugglers, and energetic displays by Zip Zap Circus performers. Free live bands and the likes of Jimmy Nevis and Chad Saaiman performing in each zone will get everyone in the mood to party, while restaurant tenants and caterers operating from food trucks will be available for those feeling a little peckish.

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