Harbour Life

We talk about #HarbourLife and “working harbour” stuff a lot. Some of you may be wondering why when the V&A is simply the place where you buy your fashion or maybe you do some grocery shopping down here or perhaps, once a year, you bring your aunty and uncle down for dinner when they’re visiting from Joburg. If you’re one of those visitors, then we challenge you to some more time outdoors, but if Instagram is anything to go by, you’re well aware of the richness of this place. Capetonians are a #grateful people.

But let’s start with a  map to put it all into perspective. One, to give you a good overview of what the V&A Waterfront actually is. And two, we love this map so much that we want to show it off as much as possible.

Welcome to the V&A Waterfront. Everything the light touches is our kingdom! Well, there is one bit that is missing from this map and that’s the Cape Town Cruise Terminal, which technically falls outside of our “fences” but it’s something we now proudly manage for Cape Town. A cruise terminal is like an airport terminal, a place for passports to be stamped and Custom’s officials to do their checks and passengers to disembark for time on land after sailing the seven seas. We often think of how incredible it must be to see Table Mountain on the horizon when you’re coming into the harbour, especially for international visitors and better yet, visitors who are seeing it with their very own eyes for the very first time. If you’ve ever been on a sunset cruise, you’ll know what we mean. And to think that it’s the very same sight that has been seen by people coming in by water for centuries. If these oceans could talk. Like who was this guy?

Here are some photos of the new Cape Town Cruise Terminal. It’s just on the other side of the Silo District (where Zeitz MOCAA is being built).

But back to everything that’s on that map…

The V&A Waterfront has grown into a very “happening” place. We love that what essentially started as a shopping centre, at least in the eyes of many of our visitors, has evolved into a hub of potential for rich experiences. While there was that brief time several years ago when locals did stay away from the “Waterfront”, your Instagrams illustrate just how much we have taken back what is ours. This harbour belongs to us, it’s part of our heritage, and we love how you’re all starting to use it more and more. From water sports to cruises, or even just enjoying walking around the property (and taking selfies), admiring the views and enjoying just how much goes on here.

So on your next visit, we challenge you to add to the #HarbourLife archive on Instagram by sharing a harbour experience with us. Whether it be a simple shot of the incredible view from W Café or you stand up paddling through the canals, we want to see it. Even if you fall off. Actually, especially if you fall off! Then we’ll repost it to our Instagram feed too 😉