Inner Secrets

Yesterday we met with the Inner Secrets team to talk Valentine’s Day. We wanted to get some insight into their experience around this time of year and find out what gems are currently in stock.

We learnt that what women want is usually very different to what men want and what men think their women would want often doesn’t come close to what women actually want. It’s a fascinating business!

Inner Secrets Lingerie was established in 2005 by mother and son team Penny and Dimitri Parolis. After 20 years of experience in the industry, they felt very passionate about opening stores to offer women a professional and personal experience in the fitting and styling of all intimate apparel. The boutiques have a choice of exquisite lingerie, swimwear and shape wear garments from some of the most well- known, cutting edge and luxurious brands from around the world. Daughter and sister, Lexi joined the team and runs the business alongside Penny and Dimitri.

Inner Secrets Lingerie prides itself in its service excellence and our sales consultants are very knowledgeable and highly trained in fitting and corsetry. But most importantly our ethos is the beauty and diversity of a woman and she will leave our store feeling pampered, uplifted and unique.

In the final count down to Valentine’s Day, knowing that there is still shopping to be done, we got some tips and tricks from Dimitri…

What are the top buys and why do you think lingerie is such a big seller during the month of love?

Hanky Panky thongs – the Naughty & Nice box set, which contains the world famous Hanky Panky thong (proudly made in New York) and crotchless thong. The nice thing about this gift is that the thongs are one size fits all, so there is no figuring out sizes.

Black or Red lace lingerie is very popular and depending on each person’s taste and style, we can sell anything from transparent mesh, satin, guipure or levers lace from Calais, France. Basques are also a very popular buy, as are suspender belts.

Lingerie is a big seller because although it is a gift given to a woman, beautiful lingerie is often known to make women feel confident and sensual, it is also a gift that can be enjoyed by her partner. Lingerie is intimate, sensual and captivating which often denotes one’s love affair.

Do you get a lot of men coming in to purchase lingerie?

We do indeed. What is interesting is that some men come in knowing exactly what their partner likes and goes straight there, whilst other men prefer to be a little more adventurous and choose something they would like to see their partner wearing.

How do you help them if they do not know what size of what to purchase?

Our staff are highly qualified not only in lingerie but in fittings. Based on the information that the man gives, we can quite successfully work out the size of his partner and give good recommendations.

We also have the option of a gift voucher should men be uncertain of what their partners might like, but still revealing an intimate side to the gift.


Inner Secrets is located on the upper level of Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre, opposite Isabelina.