How to kill a few hours on a rainy day

It’s a cold and wet morning, and you’re bored. You’ve made plans to meet up with friends for a sushi lunch later, but that’s in about 4 hours time.

How do you pass the time before that?

Facebook stalking is out of the question, as you spent most of Saturday afternoon down that particular rabbit hole, after inexplicably seeing a happy photo of your ex in your feed.

You’re also completely YouTubed out, having spent several hours catching up on “America’s Got Talent” clips, as well as videos of cats vs cucumbers, which never seems to get old.

If you ever find yourself in this particular bind, rest assured that there are easy ways to kill a few hours at the V&A Waterfront, especially on a rainy day, which we will document below.

1) Get your financial affairs in order
Statistically, the best time to do some finance admin is on a rainy day, because everyone else prefers staying indoors Facebooking stalking exes, or Youtubing “America’s Got Talent” clips. Apply for that home loan, upgrade that cheque account or just convert those dollars you found hiding in your couch. (those 5 dollars are worth R345,231* with the current exchange rate)

Check out your options here
Time killed: 25 mins

2) Have a little makeover
After your finances are in order, spend some time treating yourself. Enjoy a foot massage, get a new haircut, brighten your smile, have your nails down – whatever you need, chances are you’ll find it on the property.

Check out your options here
Time killed: 60 mins

3) Freshen up those threads
Now that you’ve brightened yourself up, why not brighten up your wardrobe too? There are dozens of fashion stores available, from the latest couture fashion, to mainstream affordables, to trendy accessories – it’s all here.

Check out your options here
Time killed: 50 mins

4) Finalise those birthday gifting
Whilst you’re down here, why not kill some birds? (Figuratively, please don’t kills our birds.) Now would be the perfect time to get all your gifting obligations out of the way. There are more than 50 curio / gifting stores around the property, so whether you’re looking for something for your dearest friend, or something random for that annoying neighbour who you KNOW gave you a regift for your wedding, you’ll find the perfect present. Also, think Watershed.

Check out your options here
Time killed: 6o mins

5) Quickly get your bread and milk (and essentials)
Lastly, grab that bread, cheese and milk before you meet up with your squad. You don’t want to get home after a good day out and be “Aaargh, there is no yoghurt in the fridge! My life is ruined.” Do you want your life ruined? No, of course not. So go and get that yoghurt. And then guess what, you’ve just successfully killed a few hours on a rainy day.

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Time killed: 45 mins

*not true – more like R75