Nips and Tucks

It has been over 25 years since we built Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre. 25! In fact, the picture above was taken that long ago. We bet some of you who are reading this haven’t even been on planet Earth for as long as that yet. Over the years we’ve made some tiny changes and some substantial extensions, we’ve moved things around and shaken things up, we’ve completely overhauled or simply nipped and tucked, we’ve redesigned and reworked and made some shifts, all in an effort to move with the times. It can be a bit disruptive to business (for a short time) but the outcome is always worth the temporary ruffling of tail feathers. Who can remember what the old food court looked like? Can you even recall a V&A without H&M? Remember that time the traders from the Red Shed and Blue Shed craft markets had to make do in a marquee on North Wharf while we built Watershed? Look at them now!

Change is essential. 

This Winter we’re doing a rather significant renovation on the harbour-facing side of Victoria Wharf, we’re making over the outdoor seating area for the stretch of restaurants between, and including, Karibu (Balducci’s/Mugg & Bean end) and Balthazar (San Marco/amphitheatre side). At the moment five restaurants are being greatly affected as they’ve lost a great chunk of their seating but they are still trading. That’s Balthazar, City Grill, Gibson’s, Karibu and Tasca. So please show them some love. Eat those delicious burgers and ribs at Gibson’s (they have loads of specials too), take your aunty and uncle who are visiting from Australia to Karibu for proper African cuisine, keep having those very important business lunches at Belthazar, and enjoy 50% off all gourmet steaks up until 7pm each day at City Grill between 1 June and the end of August.

Please and thank you.

The architectural drawings of the development are coming soon. We can’t wait to share more! But until then, please enjoy this iPhone shot of how things are progressing on site. We’ve installed a little window in the boarding so you can keep an eye on things. Development sites are fascinating places.