We’re changing things up this year and introducing a new format for our big NYE celebration!

In the lead up to our incredible fireworks display as the clock strikes twelve, the V&A will be alive with music, lights, entertainers and refreshment stations across FIVE different entertainment zones. A street carnival like no other and it’s all for free.


Now, this is not a bring your deck chair and picnic basket and wait for the fireworks kind of situation, this is a mini adventure of discovery, as you move from zone to zone, experiencing top artists like Jimmy Nevis and Chad Saaiman, while enjoying our street carnival entertainers and snacking on the delicious offerings from the food trucks that will be pulling in for the night.

So, to put things into perspective… The five zones are the Amphitheatre, Clock Tower Square, the Pierhead (between the African Trading Post building and Hildebrand/Alba Lounge), Nobel Square and outside the V&A Hotel, that old parking area between the hotel and the Union Castle building behind the Cape Wheel.)

It’s going to be spectacular so we hope you can make it!

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below.