Outdoor Active

Every year we take advantage of the glorious weather, our prime outdoor locations and the universal desire to get into shape, in something we call Outdoor Active (or #OutdoorActive if you speak in hashtags). We have Yoga, Bootcamp classes, Zumba, Kranking and more, all of which are 100% FREE. The idea is that you get to experience something new, perhaps even kick start a new hobby, either flying solo or together with your friends/partners/fellow office workers.

Classes kick off on Tuesday the 9th of February and run until the end of April so that gives you a huge window of opportunity to get active. What we’d like to challenge you to, however, is at least three classes per week, especially if you aren’t already a member at a gym or studio.

So, let’s not waste any time, shall we? Rally your troops and sign up here now!