Quality Time With Dad

This year we’re going beyond socks, jocks and I <3 Dad mugs to spending some #QTwithDad. Don’t get us wrong, we do still love a pair of daring and colourful Nic Harry socks and a sleek and sophisticated Tiger of Sweden tie but those are no-brainers. What we want to share with you here is the stuff that best-day-ever’s are made of because your dad deserves it and time is the most precious commodity on earth.

Let’s start with the helicopter flip. Whether it’s just an Atlantic Seaboard flight or a journey to the winelands, this kind of adventure is unforgettable. A heli flip is not cheap but the experience is also priceless so you do the Math. We have a few operators located behind The Table Bay Hotel so if this is up your alley, find out more here.

Speaking of The Table Bay Hotel, they never pass up the opportunity to celebrate when an occasion presents itself, no matter how big or small. This Father’s Day, they have teamed up with local brewers Darling Brew and are preparing a feast of food that talks back to our South African heritage. It’s happening at Camissa and costs R395 per adult for starters, meaty mains and delicious desserts. Booking is essential so dial 021 406 5988 ASAP or email them on TableBayDining@suninternational.com ASAP.

When it comes to museums, we have a few that may be very much up dad’s alley, depending on his interests. Golf? There is Cave Golf over the road from the Watershed and there is The Golf Hall of Fame, located just above Cape Town Fish Market on the Clock Tower side, the Maritime Museum is in the Union Castle Building behind the Cape Wheel (has dad been on that before?) and The Springbok Experience Rugby Museum is located on our Croquet Lawn above Dock Road. That’s conveniently located across the road from Mitchell’s and Ferryman’s if you fancy a pub lunch.

Next up, the cruise out to sea. Being a harbour and all, cruise operators are not in short supply but to get more bang for your buck, go out on a special occasion day. Why? Cruise & Dine with Meloncino, City Grill and Greek Fisherman. Find out more about those options here.

For something a little different, Shimmy Beach Club has designed a market for men in honour of Father’s Day. They’re promising whisky, barbers, cars and bikes from 11am to 4pm on Sunday.

Whatever you choose to do, make it memorable.

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