School Holiday Kids Activities: Logos Hope

Logos Hope – Something Your WHOLE Family Really Can Enjoy. Really.

Hands up if you’re a parent with kids of different ages and you struggle to find something they can all enjoy? Often, things described as “fun for the whole family” is seldom that.

So whilst your 4-year old is definitely having the time of his life at the petting zoo, your 14-year old is more likely to be making fun of you on Snapchat, as you desperately try and coax him into feeding the llama. (Just give him the damn cabbage, Billy.)

Thankfully, there are some activities that will genuinely appeal to an entire family, from precocious toddlers and rebellious teens, to considerably older kids who are pushing 40 now but are still steadfastly refusing to move out.

Activities such as Logos Hope, which is the world’s largest floating book fair.

Put very simply, it’s a giant book shop on a boat, and is therefore a pretty unique experience to enjoy. There are literally thousands of books (last count about 5,000) which you can buy (or casually find a corner of the boat to sit and read) and with such a large variety of titles to choose from, there will be something for everyone to enjoy (even that Snapchatting 14-year old).

It will be docked at Jetty 2 at the V&A Waterfront from the 24th June, so be sure to bring the family.

Oh and no “bookings” required. (badum dish)

The Details

Activity: Logos Hope: The World’s Largest Floating Book Fair
Dates: 24 June – 11 July
Times: Sun – Tues: 14h00 – 21h30 and Wed – Sat: 10h00 – 21h30
Venue: Docked at Jetty 2
Cost: R5 per person