School’s Out!

Moms and dads, we know you love your kids. They’re adorable, precocious, and 99% of the time they’re generally pretty likeable.

When are they not so likeable? During school holidays, that’s when. They’re bored, they’re restless, and – whisper it – they can become quite annoying.

We don’t want your kids to annoy you these school holidays, so we’ve put together a list of fun activities and events to keep them busy, keep them stimulated, and keep them pretty likeable. Oh, and it’s all free.


See Saw Do will be hosting more interactive cardboard workshops for kids at the V&A this school holiday. All you need to do is get them down to Quays Square and let them grab materials, claim spaces and start constructing, drawing and building to their heart’s desire. We’ve seen See Saw Do in action before, and quite frankly, it’s ridiculously fun and creative. It will keep hands and minds busy for hours on end. And it’s FREE.

The “open facilitative” approach to the event structure and material usage make it ideal for children and adults to engage with problem solving by co-creating and designing games, toys and scenarios for creative role play. These workshops creates spaces of endless possibility for play that is accessible to everyone.

Workshop 1: 21 – 23 March
Participants can interact and play with the installed cardboard games and will have the opportunity to design and build their own games. Big or small, simple or complex, all ideas are welcomed! Click HERE for more info.

Workshop 2: 28 – 30 March
Grab materials and start constructing your own interpretation of a city or a little town. Click HERE for more info.


Meet at the entrance to Two Oceans Aquarium where the festival will kick off with a Costumed Parade! Kids are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite Shakespearean Character (or just tell them to wear a frilly shirt) for a walk to the Waterfront Amphitheatre performance venue to preview some snippets of upcoming Festival performances. Tell them to make an effort (wear the frilly shirt), as they could win some prizes for best effort in costume design, or performances of a Shakespearian piece – a sonnet, monologue, dialogue or a fight scene – basically anything Shakespearian goes. The SSF SA team will have interactive games, quizzes on Shakespeare and much more to make the afternoon fun, educational and entertaining so join us for a solid 2 to 3 hours of Shakespearean fun.

Click HERE for more info.

MOVIES at Galileo Open Air Cinema

It can be tricky going to the movies with your kids. “Oh, this movie looks like it could be fun,” you muse naively. “It says here it’s based on a comic, so it must be child friendly, this will be a great choice!” you tell yourself, as you and your two small kids walk into the theatre to watch Deadpool. (Note: Deadpool isn’t a movie for two small kids)Thankfully, to avoid having your two small kids asking you awkward questions after the movie (“Daddy, what was he doing with that unicorn?”), you can instead enjoy some wholesome family-friendly cinema outside under the stars. The Galileo Open Air Cinema does what it says on the tin, giving you an open air cinema experience.

There are two films to enjoy over the holidays: Mary Poppins – which is one of those must see movies for young kids (UPDATE: Cancelled due to poor weather conditions), and Big Fish – another family friendly film that your older kids will enjoy. Are you sold? Good, grab your tickets by clicking on the ticket link above and we’ll see you under the stars.

Location: The Croquet Lawn in front of The Springbok Experience Rugby Museum.

We also have a host of other activities for kids like Art Jamming, The Hamley’s Train, a new exhibition opening at Watershed called The Power of Poison (opening on 1 April), regular movies (Kung Fu Panda is showing in 3D at Nu Metro), cruises on Thomas The Tugboat and the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship, adventures on The Cape Wheel, baking fun at Primi Piatti, exploring the Two Ocean’s Aquarium, digging for treasure in the Scratch Patch, Cave Golf, our outdoor play areas, the indoor play areas in some of our more kid-friendly restaurants and interactive games at The Springbok Experience Rugby Museum.

And last but certainly not least, find a few more ideas here.