Shop smart this festive season

Look, we get it.

Many of you look forward to going to the mall during festive season, the way you look forward to breaking a leg.

And who can blame you?

The traffic is bad, finding parking is near impossible, and it feels like there are thousands of other sweaty, disgruntled visitors literally rubbing shoulders with you, as you desperately search for that last-minute gift for your god-child, that cranberry sauce that will make or break Christmas lunch, or that trendy restaurant that your out-of-town friend insisted you visit while they’re down.

Yes, dear readers, we know things can get crazy down here, we’re not going to try and bamboozle you with marketing fairy dust.

But you know what? There are ways to make the whole experience more palatable. Kind of like when your grandmother would make that foreign-tasting meat dish you weren’t crazy about, but with enough teaspoons of chutney you discovered it wasn’t that bad? Well, think of this as your generous dollop of Mrs Balls Chutney right here.

A friend of ours – who frequents the V&A quite regularly over this time of year – shared some of his tips with us, on the best times to visit, where to park, what do when down here etc. In a twist of fate, we had a camera on hand, so now YOU can check these out and apply some of these tips to your life, making your granny / ma / gogo ‘s famous dish that much more edible. See for yourself:

Tip #1 – Come through early
Most people visit us from 11am onward. Coming through between 9am-11am can save you a lot of time and hassle. See below:

Tip #2 – No seriously, we’re not joking, it’s really true
Here’s the proof (lower your gaze):

Tip #3 – If you DO come through early, you can pay less for parking
A common gripe is that parking at the V&A is uber expensive, but did you know that if you play it smart, you can pay R5 to park for 3 hours? (well – until 15 December at least) Have a look at this:

Tip #4 – If you oversleep, rather come through later
If you miss the 9am – 11am slot, come through at around 9pm. There’s extended shopping hours from 9 December.

Tip #5 – Get it all done in one place
Why drive to Point A to get that gift, then to Point B to have lunch / dinner with those friends, then get that massage at Point C? You can do all of that in one convenient spot (ie: us – we are that one convenient spot)

These are just some of the tips we want to share with you during this festive season. Be sure to follow us on social media for more tips, and let’s turn this season into a smorgasbord of convenience and fun.