We hate to promote climbing on the artworks but this photo does expertly show off one of the pieces that is currently on display at the V&A so we’ll let this one slide. Very naughty, Carla! Big Brother is always watching.

So, what are those GIANT, brightly coloured animals at the V&A, and where do they come from? It turns out, after some investigating, that the exhibition has been one of the most photographed and Instagrammed things at the V&A in 2016 thus far. Second only to the Crumbs & Cream ice cream sandwiches at #WatershedVandA, obviously.

The exhibition is the work of William Sweetlove, a post modern artist from Belgium. He unites Dadaism with Surrealism and Pop Art to produce works that at first may appear “kitschy” but are in fact symbols for a greater message. The pieces that are currently placed around the harbour are part of a series of cloned animals that call for greater ecological awareness, urging us to reflect on the consequences of the climate change challenging humanity. Sweetlove’s cloned dogs wear boots to counteract a rising sea level and his penguins carry water bottles as a reminder of the shortage of clean drinking water.

William Sweetlove has had exhibitions at art fairs, galleries and museums all over the world and now his work has made its way over to us.

Here are some of the pieces and some of the posts we came across via #SweetLoveParty on Instagram.

Basically this dude is showing us humans, through art, where we are going if we choose not to start thinking about the future. He is my spirit animal. - @carmenburgh on Instagram
"Water is temporary, extinction is forever." - @martineviljoen on Instagram