Taxi Troubles

We’re having taxi troubles. It’s not a new thing (because HUNDREDS of our visitors come and go by taxi and always have) but it has become significantly worse with the introduction of our permit system and then Uber really coming on the scene. We are an inclusive space, meaning we are not trying to keep people out or limit access BUT due to sheer volume and our tidy, single lane roads, we have had to start putting some rules in place. And now we need your help in fully implementing them.

We LOVE Uber, it’s an incredible system with major benefits, BUT unlike other more traditional taxi systems (with designated waiting areas), Uber will pick up you up from where ever you drop your pin, even if it’s in the middle of the road.

Now imagine you’re driving down Dock Road and the next thing the car in front of you just stops, puts its “flashers” on, and not only holds you up but a queue of cars starts piling up behind you. But the driver, an Uber man, is just following the pin his pick-up dropped. Maybe though, the person he is picking up is actually still walking to that location because he dropped the pin while he was still paying his bill. Now the Uber driver is in a spin because you’re hooting at him and a security guard is approaching him to make him move (think Cape Town International Airport and it being 100% not okay for you to wait in the drop-off zone). Then he is forced to move and his pick-up starts getting angry because he sees the driver moving away. The pick-up then calls the driver and unfairly reprimands him. In a flurry, the driver then decides to just do a U-turn in the middle of the traffic but the security officer who has JUST spoken to him, sees this and then just sees RED. So in the end our people are stressed out and you’re stressed out and people are hooting and the Uber driver has got a raw deal, it’s just awful for everyone. And we just can’t have this anymore. There are too many cars moving through our property.

All this being said though, we’re not about problems, we’re about solutions. So, two things have happened. One: Taxi permits are required for taxi drivers. If you want to do business on our property, you need a permit. And two: You need to use designated pick-up and drop-off points if using Uber. A splash screen now comes up when you go into the App so please use it. You really need to.


A few more “tough love” notes:

1) The V&A Hotel circle is not a designated Uber pick-up or drop-off. Unless you are a guest in the hotel, do not drop your pin there.

2) The delivery zone on Dock Road at Ferrymans/Mitchell’s/Vovo Telo is not a designated pick-up/drop-off zone for taxis.

3) Hailing cabs or dropping your pin in the middle of a street will not help the situation.

Lastly, because maybe you have something to say in response to our post or ideas to share with us, or experiences you want to get off your chest, please drop us a line at