The Spirit of Travel

“Sailing towards the horizon, searching for adventures on a drifting pier: this is the spirit of travel for which the House of Louis Vuitton has long been recalled. “

As a working harbour, we tend to be drawn to all things nautical. It comes with the territory.

While doing some research on Louis Vuitton’s latest show-stopping window display, we came across The Spirit of Travel campaign from 2015. Unfortunately big, beautiful brands like Louis Vuitton limit the amount of content that can be easily pulled from their website so no, we couldn’t steal their photographs and post them here for you but we did manage to get the beautiful one below and now we encourage you to travel over to their website here and get even more inspired, when you have a moment. We know full well that you’d rather dream of fashion than finish that document you were working on before you ended up here.

Yours in Louis Vuitton loving.