Winter is… Here.

We love this time of year. While summer is pretty much boardshorts and flip-flops, winter unleashes everyone’s inner fashionista. From beanies to jackets, boots to scarves, winter fashion gives us the warm fuzzies.

But how do you ensure you remain on-trend, on fleek (as the kids say these days) and on budget? Do you need a whole winter wardrobe makeover or do you just need that single, must-have statement item that you can mix-and-match with your existing wardrobe to give your winter look a new lease on life?

Well, our hints, tips and a couple of secrets should take the guesswork (and legwork) out of upgrading your winter style, ensuring you’re not left out in the cold this winter fashion season.

Let’s kick things off with some absolute must-haves this winter:

For the guys, there are only a handful of months in the year where we can take advantage of the cold weather to bust out a statement jacket. Try a velvet jacket add the formal to your next semi-formal event. Because it’s just a little different, you’ll stand out from the stock-standard black jacket wearing crowd. And if you can find it in an interesting colour like maroon or a really dark olive green, now that’s a statement worth remembering.

Or how about the oversized, cashmere, tweed or wool coat. Ensure the fit on the shoulders, wrists and legs remain roomy enough to layer something warm underneath, but not so large that it appears as if you’re drowning in this thick, warm, classic winter jacket.

Now ladies, you’ve heard of the LBD. The dress you wear on long summer nights, sipping on your favourite cocktail, or hitting the dancefloor. Well this winter, get ready for the LBS – The Little Black Sweater. Knitwear is where it’s at. And because the sweater is so versatile, you can utilise it for almost any occasion.

You can keep it simple, yet sophisticated by rocking your sweater with skinny jeans, and over the knee boots when you dash out to grab coffee with friends or pair it with a dress and then belt it to show off that gorgeous waist for a smarter look.

We’re vibing monochrome earth tones this winter. A rich dark chocolate and olive greens are interesting substitutes to the always a winner, black. Pairing the dark hue of chocolate with reds like burgundy or scarlet, rejuvenates the look.

As far as trends go, in winter layering is your best friend. Not only do you get some extra warmth, your winter look can also enjoy your personal stamp on it. Play around with the different textures of some of your various wardrobe items. Or match similar textures with each other (You could throw a knitted cardigan over that sweater giving yourself another sweater look.) We weren’t joking when we said it’s versatile.

The great news is that you don’t have to break the bank in order to keep your wardrobe from feeling the winter blues. We’ve put together a list of stores at the V&A Waterfront that are having some winter sales right now.


We’re can’t wait to see the looks walk through our doors this winter.