Wolf & Maiden

The Watershed is undoubtedly one of the V&A Waterfront’s greatest success stories. Our old blue shed was not doing any of our “craft market” tenants any favours, nor tourism in Cape Town, so when the opportunity arose to redevelop, we took it with open arms. The result is an incredible space that has become home to over 150 small businesses. We could not be prouder of the achievement and it’s time to really start honouring the people who have made it what it is.

While these chaps don’t actually need any introduction, they’re a well established business, we’d like to introduce you to Wolf & Maiden.

Wolf & Maiden Creative Studio began as a nugget of divine inspiration in the curious mind of Wade Ross Skinner in early 2011, following a chance encounter on his travels in India. Twice, on opposite ends of this sprawling subcontinent, he crossed paths with the same mysterious French leathersmith. Twice, he assisted the man with food and shelter. In return, the Frenchman fashioned him an intricate leather tobacco pouch with an almost mystical reverie. Reflecting on the serendipity of this unexpected rendezvous upon his return to Cape Town, Wade began to teach himself the art of leathercraft. One proverbial thing led to another, and soon demand had swelled beyond the confines of organic weekend market pageantry and spilled into the glittering aisles of international exposure. Armed with an ethos of sustainable elegance and a passion-charged penchant for timeless beauty, Wolf and Maiden is the future of legacies past. Our Watershed store was our first foray into “mainstream”, 7 days-a-week retail, and as such was a great learning curve and opportunity to hone our skills and polish up our offering.

Wade can often be found at the Watershed so stop past and say hi to the maker himself. You can also visit the Wolf & Maiden website to get more info on this incredible business.